Old Barracks in Trenton, New Jersey

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Old Barracks in Trenton, New Jersey

Any visit to the State Capitol should include a visit to the Old Barracks. The barracks were built by the Hessians. They were driven back toward Assunpink Bridge, where Gen. Arthur St. Clair cut them off. Due to the weather, the fighting had to be hand-to-hand and with bayonets. Washington ordered Gen. John Sullivan to attack, and the Battle of Trenton ensued.

Depending on when you visit, you might see regiments of reenactors practicing. There is a resident rifleman (Jason Meyer) on staff who, as the pictures show below, will explain the fine art of musketry. I especially appreciated the hospitality of the staff, and was surprised at the number of artifacts on display, both outside and in the museum. Plan on spending at least a couple of hours here.

After the fighting was over, the barracks were used as a hospital, officers quarters, meeting rooms, and enlisted quarters. The site is also home to Isaac Harrows Plating and Blade Mill c. 1745, and there are memorials to General Zebulon Montgomery Pike for whom Pike's Peak was named. Wandering the grounds gives you a great perspective on the everyday life of the soldiers here.

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