Pearl S. Buck Home

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Pearl S. Buck Home and Foundation Headquarters

Pearl S. Buck was born in 1892, and spent the majority of her life in China before returning to the United States as a young woman. She spoke with a decided accent developed by her extensive travels in Asia and Europe. She wrote over 300 books during her life. The most famous of these was "The Good Earth" which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932.

She strove for better understanding between peoples of different cultures, and for a better understanding of those suffering from various mental disorders.

Her epic portrayals of Chinese farm life helped her win the Nobel prize in literature in 1938.

She moved to the Green hills farm in 1934, where she raised many adopted children along with her own natural children. She enjoyed sculpting among many other hobbies, entertaining, public speaking, and several other activities. She truly was a remarkable lady.

The Green Hills farm later became the home of the Pearl S. Buck foundation which is dedicated to helping children with mental disabilities.

If you plan on attending the tours, be aware that they are lengthy and that some of the discussion is graphic. Children under 12 may not find some of the subjects appealing.

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